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Vacation De-rail

After three full days of following my meal plan and getting in a gallon of water each day I felt great! Amazing even. I had not had to have alkaseltzer or tums. My constant heart burn had subsided. I just felt good.

After three full days (I know, it’s just three days) we went on a mini-vacation with my in-laws. We prepared our food, discussed when we would eat, and committed to staying on track. As we loaded our luggage in the trunk, we loaded our cooler of food as well. We were ready. We were prepared. We were excited. We hit the road for a two hour trip to Pigeon Forge TN. We knew that when we arrived it’d be time to stop for our prepared lunch.

Upon our arrival, our 12 year old, in a very sweet, sing song voice says to her grandfather: “Oh papaw…can we go eat at the Japanese restaurant?”

WHAT? Japanese! Yummy!

Confession time: I love Japanese food. Hibachi chicken and shrimp, fried rice with vegetables, served with a side of Japanese noodles is just about as close to food perfection as it gets for this fat chick. Seriously.

So, after three full days (in fat chick’s world-that’s a long time) I caved. I ordered my favorite Japanese meal. Then I ate. I ate until I was satisfied-you know, you’re not hungry any more; but, you don’t feel full yet. Then, I ate until I was full. Then, I ate until I felt stuffed. Then I ate until I was absolutely MISERABLE. Yes, I fell completely off of the proverbial wagon.

I told myself I’d do better at the next meal. Guess what? I didn’t. Not one time on our trip did I eat healthy. Unless, you count that salad I smothered in ranch dressing right before I downed a bacon cheeseburger and fries dipped in mayonnaise and ketchup.

All of the healthy food that I’d prepared and packed got thrown away. Gone. Right into the garbage can. Complete and total failure for that trip.

Day two of our vacation I welcomed back heartburn and indigestion. I had to spend money on Tums and Alkaseltzer just so I wouldn’t hurt. I felt sluggish and just plain “heavy.” I had a slight headache (more money spent on ibuprofen) and to top off all that I was mad at myself for messing up.

Now, I’m home. The four pounds I had lost are back. Plus two more. What now? My inner fat kid says to eat a pop tart. My inner skinny chick says I need to re-evaluate. Make a better plan. Get up. Exercise. Shake this off and move on. Go forward.

Today, in this moment: my inner skinny chick wins. Today is a new day. I will do better.