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I’m healthy, right?

As if I need another “reason” to lose weight: apparently this being fat business is giving me a belly ache.

I made a visit to my doctor the other day after several days of uncomfortable pain in my lower stomach. I figured I had a UTI. After some tests and questions and a rather, um, uncomfortable exam. I found out I was wrong. Now, I’m scheduled for an ultra sound in a week.

My doctor says “I think you have either ovarian cysts or fibroids.” Well, just like every other person out there with Internet access would do: I came home and started researching. Thanks webmd. Both cysts and fibroids can be brought on by being overweight. Ahhhhhh! Good thing I’ve decided to take this weight loss journey.

Just a few weeks ago I was thinking that just because I am a fat chick doesn’t necessarily mean I am unhealthy. I don’t have high blood pressure, no diabetes, no coronary heart disease, no joint pain, and overall I’m comfortable amd content with being who I am: the fat chick. WRONG! Obviously, there’s more health issues connected to this weight than just the “Red Flag,” issues. You know, one of the best quotes I’ve ever read was “Do your best until you know better. Then do better.” I’m dedicated to doing better. Are you?

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