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Five Things to Consider before Exercise

Start Your JourneyEveryone, us included, wants to jump into a new lifestyle without much of an action plan it seems. Twitter is inundated daily with new people who are #getfit #eatclean #exercise etc. initiates. In a lot of cases the next post is about how they enjoyed the pizza/beer/pretzels at the party. We all slip from time to time, but having a plan can drastically reduce the frequency as well as intensity of these goofs. Here is how we started.

1. Why do We Want to Change?

Everyone needs motivators-what are yours? Do you want to be healthy? Sexy? Part of a group? What would you tell someone your main reason for changing your lifestyle is?

Having a solid answer to these questions will help you push through the hard times (and there will be hard times when you just want to quit and go back to the way things used to be.)  If you are curious as to why we wanted to change, you can find our story here.

2. Where Are You At Currently?

Be brutally honest. How do you feel about your stamina right now? If you had to run half a mile to save your life, could you make it?

Buy a set of detailed scales that show your current weight to at least the tenth of a pound. Get an accurate number of where you are at.

Take measurements of your entire body. Start a list and keep track of the circumference of your neck/chest/arms/wrist/abs/waist/hips/thighs/calfs/ankles. A $1 sewing measuring tape works best for us.

Record all this data in a journal of some kind so that you can track your progress and improvements.

3. Physical Assessment

Go to your doctor. Don’t have a doctor? Go to your local Urgent Care or Physicians Express. Let a medical professional check you over. Never start any exercise program without a go ahead.

Not only will they be able to tell you that it is ok to start, but you will also be able to use them to track your progress with things like your heart rate and blood pressure. The cost will be around $30-$50 depending, but don’t be a cheap miser, spend the money. Every penny is worth it.

4. Create a Plan for Meals

I heard someone say once “Abs are made in the kitchen.” I can’t stress this enough-you can exercise 20 hours a day but you are wasting your time if you fail to eat right. Being in shape and having a fit body is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Do your research, there is plenty of good info online. Just be sure to use a reputable source (we love bodybuilding.com). If you don’t want to take the time and energy to do it yourself, pay a professional. That is how we started-$70 got each of us a 12 week meal plan. No hassle, no guess work, simply this is what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat. Easy as pie. Following a meal plan alone (we did zilch in the area of exercise) we lost around 30lbs each in 12 weeks (Dude 28, Chick 32).

5. Create an Exercise Plan

Dedicate yourself. Set a time of day at least three days a week and commit to it. Treat it just like you are going to work.

We will save for another post concerning how to work out, when to work out, how much cardio, etc. There are too many different schools of thought to cover here.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, and we always want to hear your story. On the right side of the page you can find our twitter account. Feel free to leave any comments in the section below if you want. Anyway you choose, keep in touch and let us know how you got started and what progress you have made.

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