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About the Anger

Her Side

Hey there! I am the angry fat chick. Yup, that’s right: I’m angry ,I’m fat, and I’m a chick. You may wonder who I’m angry at or why I’m angry. Well, that’s easy enough to answer. I’m angry at myself because I’m FAT. Not just FAT in that “Oh, I need to lose 5 lbs” fat, I’m what is classified as “morbidly obese.” I’ve came to the hard conclusion that the reason I’m fat is my own fault. You see, I chose this. Every time I chose second helpings, every time I chose to eat chips and cookies instead of of fruits and veggies, every time a friend said “lets go hiking,” and I promptly said “uh, no.” Every time I made those choices, I basically said “Yes! I’ll gladly stay fat.” Oh, don’t get me wrong, I tried to blame genetics:”everybody in my family is fat.” I tried to say “I don’t have time to exercise.” I tried to say: “It’s PMS, I have cravings.” I’ve used every excuse in the book. Then one day looked at some pictures and I thought “Yuck.”” Then, I looked in the mirror. Naked. Then I cried…After I cried I went to the kitchen and ate a bag (a full size bag, not a grab bag) of Ruffles potato chips, chased it with a Pepsi and thought: “Something has got to change.”

So, I talked {bawled and squalled} to my husband -the angry fat dude. I told him about my experience. His response was “Well, decide how you want to fix it and we’ll do it.” Well, that made me angry. I mean I was pissed. He just told me i needed to “fix” myself! Yes, I was illogical, I know. After awhile though I realized why and who I was actually angry at: myself for making me fat and I’m the only one to blame! Well, it was about this same time that my husband had his Jiggle experience and together we decided it is time to change our lives.

I’m willing to put my story and my experience out there for the world to see for accountability purposes. You see, my husband loves me. He won’t tell me I need to change because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. If I really want the box of Krispy Kremes he will buy them for me and not even expect me to share. In ten years hes NEVER told me “no.” Not the first time. So, I can’t be accountable to just him. He won’t make me feel bad for failing. So, I need to be answering to someone who will be willing to say: “No, that is not o.k. behavior!”

This is a brief introduction to how I have become the Angry Fat Chick. Welcome to our journey.

His Side

I jiggled. That is what started it all. While on my way home from work one day I hit a decent size bump in the road-and I jiggled for what seemed like the next mile. Now, we are not talking a minor jiggle here, no sir (or ma’am whichever the case may be), we are talking an ‘ole Saint Nick jello belly jiggle. My stomach shook. My chest shook (can you say man boobs?). Even my arms were shaking.

For a minute I was sad, depressed even. How did I let it come to this? At one time I had been tight as a drum, running anywhere from 7-12 miles a week. Now, prepare yourself for the onslaught of excuses:

-I hurt my knee.

-I don’t have time to exercise.

-Just one second helping wont hurt.

-I will get serious tomorrow/Monday/after the holidays/on the first of next month/etc.

-I am just adding insulation for the winter.

-I quit smoking therefore I eat more since everything taste better now.

You get the picture. Multiply that by five years. Thirty pounds. I had gained thirty pounds. For some reason I had not noticed the weight gain till that moment. I knew that I was no where near as fit as I once was, but the slow accrual had deceived me into thinking it wasn’t that bad when in reality it was. I had went from a 29 waist to a 36. All my fat taking up happy residence level with my belly button.

Then I got angry. I had heard someone say once “you will only behave different when the pain of change is less than the pain of same.” Well buddy, that time had arrived for me. I was/am pissed off that I allowed myself to get this out of control. Not only was I affecting myself, but what kind of example was I setting for my child?

That is how I got here-writing this post to you. One little jiggle that just kept on giving. This is to hold me accountable for my actions. No more excuses. No more yo-yo diets (you name, we tried them all: Adkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, American Heart Association, The 17 Day Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, etc.) Each one resulted in instant gratification, but long term failure. Which brings me to my next point-you will find no diets here.

What you are looking at is a lifestyle change. New routines, new food consumption, new goals and new exercise routines. Building from the ground up. I plan on regular updates, so do follow along. Share your story as well-I wanna know what works for you/what doesn’t: what successes/failures you have experienced: where do you find your motivation?: and what prompted you to seek a change?

Best of luck to you, thanks for stopping by.

Speak soon,

Angry Fat Dude